About R-Oil

R-Oil is a completely natural Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rape Seed Oil grown on our farm in the Cotswolds. Farmed alongside a variety of other cereal and environmental crops, our rape seed production reflects our interest in changing modern farming practices. It is planted to improve our soil, it is grown with great care and produced and bottled with every attention to detail.

R-Oil product

We sell R-Oil in ½ and 1 litre bottles and 5 or 20 litre aluminium cans. For those wanting larger quantities, we can supply 1000 litre IBC’s. R-Oil is readily available throughout the UK. We have a number of catering wholesalers who stock us, a large number of farm shops and delis and we are available as Sainsburys taste the difference oil.

Hamish Campbell

Company history

R-oil is a family business based in the Cotswolds. In 2005, when prices for rape seed were so low, we operated at a loss, we noticed that the only British vegetable oil available was industrially / chemically extracted oil. The demand for healthy and unprocessed oil has always been strong but only Olive Oil has been available which is obviously not local to this country.

Spotting a hole in the market we imported a series of presses from Germany and began cold pressing rape seed to produce an incredibly pure product. Put simply, our machines literally squeeze the oil from each tiny seed of rape using only pressure. The resulting oil is a rich, amber coloured liquid, full of nutritional value. Each seed has in the region of 40% oil and the remaining 60% is currently condensed into a pellet and then either fed directly to our neighbours’ cattle or put into other small pet foods.

The farm

Our farm and the farming business have grown and developed significantly over the last few decades.  In 2010 we set up a partnership with a neighbouring farmer to increase our acreage and reduce our fixed costs.  We now have a thriving farming business  operating under the name, Cotswold Farming Ltd.  We farm about 4,000 acres giving us fabulous scope for growing rape and giving the farms that we manage a local market.

The Farm